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All the movie studios and music people try to restrict file sharing and label it as "piracy". But is file sharing really that bad?? File sharers are really good people that provide others some of their stuff for free (surely, this doesn't sound bad, does it?). The movie studios and record labels are very rich anyway. Even if they loose a bit of money from file sharing, they will still be rich. It is also in human beings good nature to share stuff and file sharing is no exception. File sharing allows everyone to enjoy stuff, not just the rich people who pay!! Anyway, whatever people do, there will always be sharing! 

At school, instead of doing ICT GCSE, we decided (well, our IT teacher did) to do the ECDL (European Computer Driving License) course. This course is also available in many other places and languages (International Computer Driving License).  The whole course is taught and tested online (so you can do it anywhere and at any time). Having playing around on my mum's computer for five years and gaining a lot of computer knowledge, I really find the course piss easy! But sometimes, I really hate the course! This is partly due to the fact that they only teach stuff in Windows XP. Come on, you also gotta consider Mac and Linux people! Till now, I just had only one reference to Mac and Linux! I think the course is probably really outdated too, as the go on about floppies and zip drives and use demonstrations from XP Service Pack 1. On the upside though, the course helps you with qualifications and that other crap. In my view, the course is OK, but has to seriously updated and maybe possibly use other OSs. But, actually, I really don't think you need a License to use a computer!!

Barack Obama won the most stunning victory in a historic US Election. The whole world cheered for the first black president of the US. People from a small Japanese village called 'Obama', partied like mental and in Kenya, it was declared a national holiday! I can't wait till Obama officially gets in the Black House (yup, it has to be special one!) and works for change. The revolution won't be televised but it was!!

Check out the Obama Celebrations from around the world:

I seem to spend a lot of time on my Mac (PC in school). That said, I spend ages on a computer and I hardly watch TV. Partly, this is due to the internet. With the internet, you can do everything that your TV does but use your computer. I reckon there is no need for TV. TV companies also are trying to match the competition with sites like the BBC IPlayer and Demand on Five, which let you watch whole series of programs on the net.

But TVs are getting better all the time with all new LCD and HD Ready models. TVs also have game consoles, which are literally computers and these can also access the internet. So, the humble TV still hasn't given up the fight against the fairly new arrival. Do you think TV is losing its fight against computers and the internet or is this just a beginning of TV?

Well, don't you just hate Chinese sites with movies?! All the movies are in different parts, with variable quality and loading times. That's where NinjaVideo comes in! It has all the latest Movies and Tv-Shows regularly updated and all in full HD! All you need to get is the Divx Web Player and launch the NINJAVIDEO HELPER from the site, and you're ready to go. The site also lets you download stuff and has a range of other stuff like Documentaries and Cartoons!

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